Nonprofit organizations in the United States contribute to racial equality in the country

General Instructions
To demonstrate the ability to examine and critically analyze the social, economic, and political forces that contribute to the establishment and growth (or decline) of nonprofit organizations in the United States (1); the knowledge to articulate and discuss how nonprofit organizations influence social, economic, and political trends (2); and the ability to situate the history of nonprofit organizations in their socio-economic and political context and critically analyze their influence upon the society in which they operate (4).Length and Format: Paper of approximately eight pages in length (2,000 words), exclusive of title page and referencesDescription: Select a social, economic, or political issue that matters to you.Part A, Historical Timeline (2 pages): Employing a timeline format, summarize the history of the issue. Include pertinent major events and trends. Also include the establishment of notable nonprofit organizations that work on the issue.Part B, Essay (4 pages): In essay form, articulate and support a hypothesis describing the dynamic relationship between nonprofits and the issue under review. What role have nonprofits played throughout the history the issue? For example, did the issue result in the creation of nonprofits? Did nonprofits bring attention to an issue, along with some proposals for addressing it? Part C, Case Example (2 pages): Select a nonprofit organization mentioned in Part B and highlight it in this section. Recount its history, describing: a) the social, economic, and/or political conditions that factored into its founding. In doing so, be sure to explain its original intended purpose. Discuss also what it is doing today. Cite its mission and vision statements (usually found on an organizations website) and describe its current programs. Indicate the constituencies served by these programs and what they are intended to achieve. Conclude this section by offering some predictions about the organizations future based on what you perceive is happening today relating to the issue it addresses. Research Requirement and Advice: Cite at least four published articles or books, at least two of which must be peer-reviewed. In addition, cite the website of the organization discussed in Part C. Three databases may be especially helpful for this assignment: Academic Search Complete, Business Source Complete, and Point of View Reference Center.