Note: These are only guidelines, questions/issues to think through while writing-Order now from

Note: These are only guidelines, questions/issues to think through while writing-Order now from
Note: These are only guidelines, questions/issues to think through while writing your paper. Not to be reproduced word for word – reproducing this document word for word might in fact lower your grade. To get the full grade, you have to show that you are thinking through the requirements of the paper.This paper needs a cover page, in text citations, and a Reference page. PLEASE INCLUDE PLAGIARISM REPORTThe paper isn’t difficult at all, I basically provided the template/ guidelines, just expand on them.6 sources meaning in- text, a chapter counts as a source. Please put all the PDF’S in the reference pagePracticum Paper—25 Points:Students are expected to write a 10-page paper that focuses on providing a critique of service to the practicum placement and experience. The objective here is to provide critical analyses of micro- and macro-level processes and the impact of social structures and power relationships (i.e. political, economic, social, legal) in communities associated with the practicum experience. The paper will have five sections:A. Background Information (3 pages)Brief description (including type of organization, i.e. public or private, nonprofit, etc.) – I interned at the Binghamton University Sports operations & facilitiesMission- go to inside athletics & see mission statementGoals and objectives- Expand on mission statementValues- Expand on mission statementFunding- Search up Binghamton University’s athletic funding. Talk about the events center & the new baseball stadium built by a donation of 60 million, etc.History- Speak on how Binghamton transitioned from Division 3 athletics to Division 1Where to find information?: Online, Organization’s website, Ask SupervisorFunding:Private donors, Voluntary contributions, user-funded, grants, state/federal? How much?What is the budget of the organization?Has the funding level changed/affected by the pandemic?B. Overview of Organizational Structure (2 pages)Roles, Responsibilities, and Tasks( onWho does what? E.g. Director, Supervisor, You! , under staff directory, scroll down too FACILITIES/ OPERATIONS/ EVENT MANAGEMENTZe Zeon- AssociateDirectorofAthletics,OperationsandFacilities/DivisionalDiversity Officer for AthleticsMatt Lane- Manager of Facilities and Event OperationsShane Moree- Coordinator of Facilities and OperationsMike Gilroy – Assistant Coordinator for Facilities and OperationsMe- Facilities and Operations Intern – I basically Gained experience in managing facilities by setting up athletic fields/courts. Ensured safety of athletes and fans by ushering eventsA key focus of this component (sections C and D) of the assignment involves a critical analysis of how the organization addresses and manages issues of equity, social justice, and empowerment both for its employees and the populations served by the organization.C. Organizational Politics (2 ½ Pages) ( Use the readings in the PDF attached, include intext citations & compare them to my internship)What is the politics of race, gender, class, sexuality at the internship site?I work with a diverse group. I am African American, I work with white men, has helped me understand different backgrounds and build connections. Expand on thatHow does your internship site deal with the legacy of racism (e.g. segregation and its generational impact)? What are specific policies that they pursue to redress that, and how do these policies work or not work on a day to day level?Since I work the basketball games at Binghamton, & I’m on the team when not interning we can speak on the experiences of the conference. The America East conference has a mission statement “ Spread respect.” Speak about this and connect it to Camp and Heatherton chapter 3 and 4 pdf – in text citationsWhat are some institutional constraints, such as funding, composition of its board or staff, or broader societal constraints (e.g. problem of geography and inaccessibility). What does it do to overcome those constraints? – Binghamton University is in an impoverished area. The city of Binghamton needs the university to thrive. Talk about this and compare it to the Baldwin_When Universities Swallow Cities pdf attached. In text citationsHow do they relate to other institutions such as the police? Compare the relationship to policing of some of the social justice organizations/advocates (e.g. Communities for Police Reform) to how your own organization. For example, some organizations want the police to be defunded because they see the police as oppressive. Some of you have thought about the role of SROs at schools.– Since I play basketball at Binghamton we can speak about the NCAA. The NCAA over-polices the student athletes in terms of substances. Marijuana is a banned substance, but it could be used for so many purposes. Expand on that & connect it to Camp and Heatherton chapter 5 and 6D. Organizational Culture (2 ½ Pages)What are the norms of the organization (race, class, gender, etc.)? What are the unwritten rules? What form of leadership exists (caring, engaged, democratic, etc.)? What are the values of the staff – do they reflect the values of the organization/mission statement?Unwritten rules speak on professionalism. Every intern has to be dressed appropriately, Khaki’s and yellow jacket. My supervisors are very caring, practical, and about their business. Expand on these traits and how they would help an intern. USE SWEITZER & KING PDF TO CONNECT.What do you think the organization could do more?I work under three men, explaining how it would be necessary for me to work with more women. – Use “ Butler’s, Undoing gender” to connectThese readings may help as wellSee Matsuda reading for example of organizational cultureSee Butler on gender normsSee Baldwin on norms/culture of UniverSitiesE. References (1 Page)For sections C and D, you will explore organizational politics and culture. For these sections, you should incorporate a discussion of core concepts from at least three assigned supplemental course readings. Each section should incorporate three separate readings.For Camp and Heatherton: Each chapter counts as one reading, therefore cite name of author accordingly (e.g. Kelley, Kamat, Cullors, etc.)
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