nursing documentationand nursing roles in assisting procedure

Upon completion of the tutorial, the student should be able to:
 Identify the importance of nursing documentation in clinical venues
 Discuss the relationship between nursing documentation and healthcare disciplines
 Discuss the duty of care and nurses’ roles in assisting procedure.
Assessment criteria: CILO 1,2,3
Essay writing 1
Please read the following article.
Tasew, H., Mariye, T., & Teklay, G. (2019). Nursing documentation practice and associated factors among nurses in public hospitals, Tigray, Ethiopia. BMC Research Notes, 12(1). (article please see attached Appendix 2)
According to the given article information, summarize the importance of nursing documentation in 500 words. Assessment rubric for written assignment is attached below for your information (Appendix 1).
Student’s version
    Guides for the article summary: Introduction:
 Give a clear review on this topic
 Identify some of the important issues and aims in this article 


  What is nursing documentation?
 Identify why nursing documentation is important to nurses.
 What are the nurses’ attitudes towards documentation?
 Discuss the factors and identify the barriers in nursing documentation.
 What are the outcomes related to poor quality and inadequate documentation?
 In your points of views, how nursing documentation affect the patients?
 Suggest some measures to improve nursing documentation and patient care.

• Give an explicit summary of this article