Nursing Theory : Jean Watson theory of Human Caring

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Application of Theory to Research:
1.  Find two published original sources in which researchers used the theory as a framework, and/or the concept of interest to support their research.  These articles must have been published within the past 10 years.
2.  Discuss how these researchers utilized the theory (and/or the concept of interest) to support their research.
3.  Include in the discussion of each study:
       a.  the purpose of the study
       b.  how the researchers used the theory in their study.
       c.  how the researchers used the concept of interest in their study, and
       d.  how the researchers theoretically and operationally defined the concept of interest.

Style and Format:

The paper will be written using APA Standards.  The paper will include a title page (using specified format) 2-3 pages of text and a reference list.  It will be double spaced, written in 12 point TIme New Roman and have 1 inch margins.

Only primary sources and empirical research articles are to be used for this assignment.  Secondary sources such as textbooks (not written by the theorist), literature reviews, systematic reviews, dissertations, completion projects and concept analyses are NOT to be used.  All articles in the application of theory to research section of the paper must be written within the past 10 years.

You must submit/upload copies of the 2 research articles used for this assignment.  If you used a mixed study (both qualitative and quantitative methods in one study, you must submit two different research studies.