Occupational health safety

Ensure you use citations to support the points in your plan and a reference list at the end of your essay in proper APA format.

Write an integrated plan for the creation of an OH&S and Wellness program for Progressive Parts, a fictitious auto parts company. This assignment should be approximately 2500 words. Ensure you use citations to support the points in your plan and a reference list at the end of your essay in proper APA format. This final assignment is worth 45% of your course grade.

You are a 40-year-old electrician at Progressive Parts, a new and large auto parts manufacturing facility in southern Ontario. There are 450 unionized workers and 75 management staff. Workplace departments include maintenance, manufacturing (assembly-line), shipping and warehouse, and administration (office workers). You have agreed to participate in the creation of an integrated OH&S and Wellness program at your workplace. You have never participated in OH&S or Wellness in a formal capacity in any of your previous workplaces, but you are looking forward to the challenge of making sure that this new workplace is a safe and more healthy one.

For your integrated OH&S and Wellness program plan, it is important to reference the applicable health and safety legislation that applies to this organization in developing your comprehensive plan. You can reference the health and safety legislation in your location.

You can draw on all of the course readings to create your plan, however, the principle readings you might use to support this assignment are the Kelloway textbook (Management of Occupational Health and Safety) and the CCOHS document called Implementing an Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Program. You will also find that the CCOHS website is very useful.

Note that although in practice many of the components of a plan are reviewed and discussed by committees or sub-committees of a joint health and safety committee (JHSC), you are asked in this assignment to prepare proposed documents that would be considered for review by a JHSC. These documents should include at a minimum:

The OH&S policy for Progressive Parts.Two inspection or assessment forms.A proposal and timeline for workplace safety training.Other components of a plan that you feel are necessary and/or legally requiredWhat wellness strategies do you think would be most effective and best received in this company? Why?What do you think is the best approach or combination of techniques for effectively reducing the risk of injury and improve workplace wellness for this particular employer? Why?