OCD prevelence in jordanian uneversities

26Jan 2022 by

please will you do the analysis and the result from this spreadsheet that includes information gathered from a survey conducted about the prevalence of OCD among Jordanian university students?
to be exact we want the data analysis using the SPSS for you to find the association between the variables (sex, age, income……etc) and compare them with the result of the question ” have you answered yes more than six times during the survey?” as this question is the cutoff point in diagnosing among those who answered yes. 
please find the association and what was most prominent about them as what type of OCD were they inclined to ( religious OCD, germ fear, Sexual thoughts…..etc).
I would love it if you inserted tables and everything else we would need or anything else you would find or think of.
I would appreciate it if you used Chi-squared, ANOVA, and Cronbach’s alpha tests.
please send a copy of the SPSS table in case I needed to work more on it.
thank you very much.