only need write a proposal

one of the main learning outcomes of this course is to develop your research and writing skills. The paper should be focused on the examination of a small passage from the Hebrew Bible or literature from Second Temple Judaism, chosen by the student. The aim of the paper is to explicate the possible meanings of a passage or term. The student should try to uncover the historical connotations of a text and strives to place the assumptions, intentions, and concerns of its author in a plausible framework. The student should also try to consider how early audiences might have understood the text, a task that requires consideration of their social circumstances and language. The challenge here is to be faithful to the limits of the text with which you are working as you develop and support your interpretation. Since your aim is to recover the perspective of ancient authors and readers, you must ask yourself whether your explanations would make sense in a time and place far removed from our own. To assist the students in this process, they are required to submit a proposal expressing which passage they would like to explore in their paper and at least four secondary sources (academic books or articles) available through the McGill library system that are going to be relevant for the proposed research.