“Onward” and “Let My People Go Surfing” Book Reviews


Here is some online book reviews you can use! With video summary.

Let My People Go Surfing Book Summary (PDF) by Yvon Chouinard

Write a reflection on the two books.  Include the following: 

1.  Chouinard wrote, “Remember, work has to be fun. We value employees who live rich and rounded lives. We run a flexible workplace, and we have ever since we were a blacksmith shop that shut down whenever the waves were six feet, hot and glassy. Our policy has always allowed employees to work flexible hours, as long as the work gets done with no negative impacts on others. A serious surfer doesn’t plan to go surfing next Tuesday at two o’clock. You go surfing when there are waves and the tide and wind are right.

What are you thoughts about this quote?  Does it relate in any way to how you want to work post-graduation?

2.  What was your impression of Howard Schultz?  Would you aspire to be like him?

3.   Did you like these books?  Why/why not?  Please convince me that you read them; discuss whether or not and you grew from them and, if so, how; whether anything you read specifically stood out to you, etc.


Max 3 pages, double spaced, please no Times New Roman font