Option #2: Assessment Tests and Methods



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Option #2: Assessment Tests and Methods

find that assessment methods are used in the selection process to identify
applicant skill and knowledge that may not be easily deciphered via an
interview alone. Assessments help organizations build a high-quality workforce
due to identifying candidates that have a potential to work effectively and add
value to the job. The five common pre-employment assessment tests are:   

1.     Psychomotor

2.     Assessment

the Director of HR, you have been tasked by the executive team to design an
assessment process that will be used during the selection of a new Vice
President of Finance. Here are your tasks:

Discuss the tests and
explain their use.

Provide detailed
information on how they would be used in the selection process.

Provide detailed
information on the value they provide in identifying the right candidate.




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I found these articles and
they are:

Caska, B.
(2019). Psychometrics at work: How to ensure test results you can trust. DBS Business Review, 3 doi:http://dx.doi.org.csuglobal.idm.oclc.org/10.22375/dbr.v3i0.60


U. (nd). What are psychometric tests. Retrieved September 04, 2021, from

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                                                                        Psychomotor Testing


for the Vice
President of Finance Role. Psychometric
testing is a standard and scientific method


that measures individual’s mental capabilities and
their behavior style. Therefore, the Human


Resource team will perform Psychometric testing on
the candidates running for the Vice


President of Finance Role. Also, the HR team will use
psychometric testing to measure our


candidate’s suitability for the role of Vice
President of Finance. Furthermore, these tests will help


the candidates’ personality characteristics and cognitive abilities. (Unknown,



The HR team will use the information collected from
the psychometric tests to identify


the hidden traits that the candidates may have.
Furthermore, the candidate’s qualities may not


have been identified in the initial face-to-face
interview with the recruiter.


Also, the candidates who will be taking the
Psychometric testing will be notified with


instructions when they will take the scheduled to
take the test. Furthermore, our main objective


of Psychometric testing is that we will be able to
identify those candidates who are unlikely to


meet the requirements of being the Vice President of
Finance early in the hiring process.


Hence, the standard method of Psychometric testing we
will use for our candidate’s assessment is


we will be present the same questions and
instructions while they complete the test.


            Furthermore, the standardized tests
will offer


Step One Choose the Right Test


            The HR team will need to select a test about needs to
be measured. Furthermore. This


analysis will define the knowledge, skills, abilities
and the primary characteristics that we are


requiring for the position as the Vice President of Finance.
Moreover, the standardized testing


will provide us with a potential of accuracy, validity and fairness amongst our
recruits. Also, the



tests will provide detailed information that we the
HR team can compile and compare the


between the applicants. In the long run will this be an efficient and cost-effective