ORDER 100% ANSWERED QUESTION…American History Law Enforcement/Forensic Science

American History Law Enforcement

Stephen Giraud, Alan Pinkerton and Edward Rucker and the Pinkerton Detective Agency,The origins of the NYPD, the Rogue Gallery, fingerprints, U.S. Secret Service,Elliot Ness and the Untouchables, the F.B.I.

Research topic:

Each Student will submit a written research paper Minimal length of the paper should be 7 pages. Double spaced, 12 font point (arial, courier, times, double spaced) pages shall be numbered, have last name next to number. Academic in essay citations, MLA citations. A work cited page should be included


Setup your Research Project:

1. Title page (descriptive subtitle)-be sure your name, class section and date appear on the lower right corner title page . No photographs on cover page

2. Opening mission statement- The first paragraph describes what the essay is about

3. Body of the research essay- double spaced, black ink standard format and fonts, stapled, pages numbered appropriate in body of essay citations. (Footnotes, mla, and bibliography). Do not use sub titles or include photos or graphs. They may be added as an appendage after the essay. Be sure to include your analysis, your voice, your comments throughout each part of your essay

4. Concluding paragraphs- because of the research you should have a conclusion about the topic you have chosen. You can include personal assessment and comments about the topic, YOUR VOICE, your views are critical to completing a successful essay. AGAIN Be sure to use footnotes or mla citation on the essay, and keep quotes to a minimum. Quote only when you cannot say it better, or if it’s a famous saying. Do not include photographs or charts in the body of the essay. DO NOT BORROW words or phrases. Use your own words, avoid cutting and pasting as this often leads to “unintentional” plagiarism. A simple rule if you use 5 or more words from a source quote it.

5. Work cited page should have at least 7-10 sources , 2 should be prime sources..


Sources Notes:

You must use prime sources in your research paper. Prime sources can be newspaper articles, letters, speeches, interviews, television/radio broadcasts.

You must include academic citations in the essay of all quoted and non quoted information. A good rule of thumb is that every paragraph should have an academic citation.

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