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Battling the Megaphone

George Saunders outlines the problems with mass media today in “The Brain Dead Megaphone.”  In his closing, he explains how we might begin to fight against the Megaphone.



In a three-page paper, you will need to: 


Find one example of “The Brain Dead Megaphone” (BDM) in media.  This can be an article or essay published in print or online.  Avoid parody/satire such as The Daily Show or Last Week Tonight, entertainment news, and stories that have no factual basis.  It should also be relatively current, being published or appearing within the past six months.


Explain how this is an example of the BDM.  In your paper, you will need to summarize the content of the article/news piece and show how it manages to fill all/most of Saunders’s criteria for the BDM.


Then, be the anti-megaphone.  Find a high-quality news article on the topic and use it to contrast with the BDM piece.  Explain the topic in a non-braindead way.  Be reasonable, knowledgeable, choose your words carefully, and take the time to develop your point.


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