ORDER 100% ANSWERED QUESTION…Case Study Paper 1/Criminology

This paper is designed to critically consider an ethical debate/ dilemma in the field of criminal justice.  For this particular paper, you need to read the case study, Transmission of Justice.  Using this case study, your paper must address the dilemma posed in the case study.  Your response should offer insight into the subject that draws on concepts from the textbook and/or folio readings as well as ethical theories.  To this end your paper should include the following:

1. Clear and concise identification of the ethical dilemma facing the criminal justice professional in this scenario. Part of this identification should provide a succinct explanation as to why the situation poses a dilemma.

2. Your response to the dilemma and a defense of that response.

     a. Your response must apply at least one ethical system (Kant’s deontology, utilitarianism, or virtue ethics). Application must include more than the conclusion reached by an ethical system. You must show your work. You are not being graded on the conclusion you draw, rather how well you applied a particular ethical system to determine your conclusion. To this end, you must articulate the steps in the reasoning process used by the selected ethical system to determine a response appropriate to that system. (Think back to math classes, when you were not graded solely by your answer, but the steps you used to arrive at that answer.)

     b. Your response also must reference concepts that we have learned about so far in the course.

3. Consideration of an alternative viewpoint that highlights potential weaknesses/problems with your preferred response(s). At least part of this discussion also MUST draw from a competing ethical system. (i.e. your paper must apply a minimum of two ethical systems) 

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