ORDER 100% ANSWERED QUESTION…Information Technology/Internet Technology (IT)

Find a suitable news article on the web about an information technology topic that interests you. This must have been published within the last 2 years. Look for trusted news sources; do not choose a journal article, “white paper,” vendor sales article, ebook, or online encyclopedia entry. 

  • Do not use the first person (I, me, my, myself, we, us, or our).
  • Do not directly quote from the article.
  • Do not include mathematical formulas, code, computer commands, images, tables, or other figures

Write an introduction paragraph. (5 sentences)

  • Include the article’s title (in double-quotes) and full author’s name (or authors’ names) in the paragraph. You may also include the name of the news site, which would be in italics as explained in this unit’s reading.
    • Include a very brief overview of the main ideas.
    • As explained previously, do not refer the paper to itself (“this paper will examine,” etc.).

After the introduction paragraph, write 2 3 more paragraphs explaining the main ideas from the article. (5 sentences each paragraph)

  • Use deductive paragraphing and write mostly in active voice.
  • Include in-text citations in each of these paragraphs to acknowledge the origin of the ideas. The first sentence in each paragraph must have a citation at the very least (see the Citation/Referencing PDF for further details about citation frequency).
    • The introduction and detail paragraphs combined must contain 300 400 words.
    • Do not write a conclusion (see below).
    • Be careful that you have adequately cited your source, as you already learned in the last unit. Inadequate citation can result in a charge of plagiarism.
    • Write a 7th edition APA reference entry for the source and place it on a References page in the same document. Do not use Word’s citation tool or any other citation generator.

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