ORDER 100% ANSWERED QUESTION…persuasive speech with a highschool level topic/English

 writing a persuasive speech and take a stance on a topic that can be debated. You will state a claim clearly and use reasons and evidence from your research to support the claim. Make sure to address and rebut a counterclaim and to conclude the speech with a call to action.

The final draft will be scored by your teacher using the Write a Persuasive Speech Grading Rubric. Look at the rubric yourself so that you know how your writing will be scored.

Use these guidelines to help you create your speech:

·        Develop a strong introduction that grabs the audiences’ attention and introduces the argument with a clear, strong claim.

·        Present relevant reasons and evidence that directly support the claim.

·        Include at least three pieces of evidence from your research.  

·        Acknowledge a counterclaim. Rebut it with valid reasons and specific evidence.

·        Create a conclusion that restates concisely your argument and your key points. Conclude with a call for action.

·        Use appropriate and effective persuasive language.

·        Use at least one rhetorical device such as parallelism, repetition, or hypophora, the strategy with which a speaker asks a question and then immediately answers it.

·        Organize your information logically so that the audience can easily follow the argument.

·        Use word choice and tone that are appropriate for your audience and purpose.