Our Culture of winning at all costs is broken. It almost broke me. By Zoe Ruhl

(1)  beginswith an introductory paragraph that

    • provides a multiple-sentence summary of the article, and
    • ends with a clear thesis statement which agrees or disagrees with Ruhls proposed changes and

(2)  continueswith at least 2 to 3 more paragraphs supporting your thesis.


Carefully explain the reasons for yourposition, and be sure to support your arguments with evidence. The majority ofthe ideas and evidence should stem from your prior knowledge and relevantexperiences; however, you may also include minimal paraphrase or directquotation of Ruhls opinion piece for support. Use language and a styleappropriate for college-level writing, and allow enough time to proofread forerrors in grammar, mechanics, punctuation, and citation (of Ruhls article).