Outline lit review Veteran Entrepreneurship

BGS term project outline

Evaluate the current condition of the Corporate Social Responsibility program of a global business of your choice and develop a CSR enhancement project plan. The plan may focus on:

  • Creation of a new CSR program; or
  • Case study and evaluation of an organization’s CSR program
  • Reinvention of an organization’s existing but outdated CSR program; or
  • Initiation of an external GBS multi-stakeholder partnership project.

Elements of outline:

  • Abstract
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction and Background
  • Review of Literature
  • [Methodology to gather information and what are those findings for] Description (types) of CSR programs, (management and significance in the organizational chart), stakeholders and domestic and international spheres of influence), proposed analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses, to include performance measurement evaluations, and tools to be used
  • Conclusion with a Summary and three or four key recommendations for improvements.