Outline & purpose statement for paper already written

Critical Assignment Outline and Purpose Statement Instructions

1. Students will write a purpose statement for their leadership study analysis.

2. Create an outline for your paper using all of the required sections of the critical assignment. See the sections below. 

  • Introduction: Introduce the leadership and communication topic (this will be found in the article). You will provide an introduction to the topic that helps set the tone for the analysis. Utilize at least three outside sources and provide connections to the course content. Ex. If your article is about transformational leadership and a communication theory. Provide a detailed perspective on transformational leadership and communication theory. 
  • Article Summary: Provide a summary and overview of the article. Make sure you provide enough information about the study for the reader to understand the article without reading it. 
  • Purpose Statement: Include a purpose statement for the paper. Provide a position on the effectiveness of the study. 
  •  Theoretical and/or Methodological Contributions: Provide an overview of the use of methods, theories, or concepts in the study. Explain how this relates to the study presented in the article. 
  • Analysis: Provide an analysis of the study in the article. Make sure to clearly state the effectiveness (or not) of the study. Share the study’s usefulness, the use of theories/methods, and what was learned from the study. Clearly state if you feel the study was effective or not. 
  •  Contribution to the Profession: Share your thoughts on the usefulness of this study within the profession of strategic communication. How can professionals in strategic communication, public relations, communication, or media potentially benefit from this study? If they cannot benefit from the study, make sure to explain why. 
  •  Scholarly Thoughts: Share your academic opinion of the article. An academic opinion provides an educated response and critical review of the article. It will integrate course concepts, theories, and models to explain your opinion of the study. 
  • Faith Integration: Provide your perspective about the study analyzed and how it relates to Christian communicators. What can we learn from this article to apply it to our faith? How can Christian communicators use information in this article to advance our work for the Kingdom of Christ? 
  • Conclusion: Provide a conclusion to the paper that summarizes and restates major points within the paper.