P-12 School Based


     The candidate will develop and demonstrate knowledge of the trends and issues affecting P-12 schools with particular attention to administrative procedures.


Activity 1  The candidate will identify 2 issues affecting P-12 schools. Review school/school district data to identify the 2 issues.


Activity 2  Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of the 2 issues highlighting the issue or trend, how the issue or trend is affecting the school, and how the issue or trend can be addressed to help improve the climate and culture of the school and the steps needed for school improvement.

For example, in an elementary school, if you identify differentiated instruction as an issue affecting student performance, explain how are differentiated instructional strategies used, which strategies are used, and how the school determines the effectiveness of the strategies.  Include evidence-based and best practice strategies, and recommendations for change process in the presentation.


Activity 3  Submit two current research article reviews pertaining to the issues.  Provide a one-page summary of the article along with a Works Cited Page in APA format.