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Using your textbook, LIRN-based research, and the Internet, you will develop an infographic that demonstrates the application of a set of concepts to decision-making. An information graphic (infographic) is a visual representation of a data set or instructive material. Infographics take a large amount of information in text (or numerical form) and then condense it into a combination of images and text highlights. This modern “data transformation” technique allows viewers to quickly grasp essential insights about a specific subject. You will use this infographic in your CLA 1 assignment. The focus of the infographic will be on the following scenario:

ABC, Inc. would like to present the steps involved in the decision-making process in an infographic format at their next Board of Directors meeting.  You have been assigned by your supervisor to design an infographic which ABC can display to the CEO and executives. Be sure to consider the following:

Use a decision-making tool to show the steps involved in the decision-making process which can be presented to the CEO and Executive Team.

As an addendum to your infographic, prepare the following in a 2-3-page, APA-formatted paper to support the infographic:

How does systems thinking affect your and others’ decision-making process?

What are common biases in judgement and decision-making?

How would you summarize processes in terms of simplifying decision-making?

Using the Library Information Resource Network (LIRN), JSTOR, or any other electronic journal database, research and cite one (1) peer-reviewed articles or business industry articles that can be used to support your PA 1 assignment.


Watch Videos: 

Decision Matrix Analysis (02:03)

Decision Trees (06:25)

SWOT Analysis (03:04)

Decision Making Tools: Find a tool that works for you. You can visit the following websites for tool options:

Decision matrix

Decision tree 

SWOT Analysis

Be as creative as possible and design a well-organized, easy-to-understand infographic. You can visit the links below for infographic examples, tips on how to create them, and templates: