Pediatric Case Study

2-year-old Jacob was seen at the dentist today for the first time and now presents to the clinic for a checkup.  The mother of Jacob stated that he has some spots on his teeth and wanted to know what can be done.

The mother of Jacob stated that she was not sure what happened, but she knows that he needs to have more milk in his diet. She also stated that she gives Jacob a bottle at night to helps him sleep.

The mother stated she has Aetna Medicaid and wanted to know if she had to pay for her visit to the dentist and clinic. As the APN, it is very important to become familiar with insurances and other entities that promote a plan of care. 
As the APN, what are your concerns? 

What are the recommendations that would be given o the parent?

What’s the appropriate age for pediatric dental visits? Discuss in detail!

Is insurance a concern for this matter?  Why?