perception and food

Your mom is in charge of providing meals at the upcoming family reunion and she is worried about not having enough linguini alfredo (a white pasta) to serve the entire crew. She wants to ensure that no one takes too much food. 
STEP 1: Read through the study, “Plate Size and Color Suggestibility: The Delboeuf illusion’s bias on eating and serving behavior” by Koert Van Ittersum and Brian Wansink. You can find the full article by searching online or using your library’s database. 
STEP 2: Give your mom some advice on what size plates she should use, what color they should be, and what color tablecloths she should buy. Read through the study, then explain in a few paragraphs (between 200-400 words) how your mom can utilize of the Delboeuf illusion to minimize her costs at the reunion. Cite specific pieces of evidence (at least four quantitative examples) from the research.