Performance Appraisal

The HR director approached the HR team requesting a reassessment of the current performance appraisal process and expectations. The HR director has broken the department into small groups and has asked each to research and propose a performance appraisal process to move forward with. Once the proposals are submitted, they will be reviewed by the HR director and company board.

Individually research performance appraisal processes and examples.
choose 1 performance appraisal process (or create a new 1 based on a combination of several) to use for this proposal.

The topic i have choose is the general performance appraisal 

•A brief communication and implementation plan to roll this out to the organization

Include detailed speaker notes as if you were to present this in-person.

Format any citations and references included according to APA guidelines. 

The 4 slides does not include the cover slide. I can create that.

Examples of performance appraisal:

1) Attendance.
2) Innovation and Creativity
3) Leadership
4) Communication Skills
5) Collaboration and Teamwork
6) Time Management
7) Customer Experience
8) Problem Solving.