Performance Test (OSCE): Practical demonstration of a play-based intervention for a paediatric client + handout and 1000-word clinical justification documentation

To complete Assignment 1, you will develop a play intervention for Paidyn in your SimuCase case-study reviewed in Week 4.
This assessment requires you to complete the following:
1.    Choose a play-based activity to address a specific occupational performance area or performance component (e.g.  fine or gross motor, self-care, social participation, functional communication, self-regulation, etc.).
2.    Demonstrate and engage the class in your chosen play intervention during a 7-minute OSCE.  You may include a short power-point (max 2 slides) to support your demonstration. The class or one of your peers may play the role of the client during your demonstration.
3.    Prepare a 1-page caregiver/teacher handout to accompany your intervention which includes the following information:
·       Instructions and materials required for the intervention in an organised and engaging format, so that it can be utilised by other professionals, students, parents or carers.  
·       Identify appropriate age range and developmental level that play activity is suited for.
·       Include a specific goal/outcome that the activity is addressing using SMART format and family-centred language.
·       Instructions on how to grade/adapt the activity to achieve “just right challenge.”
4.    Clinical Justification of your intervention activity (1000 words):
·  Identification and analysis of occupational performance components of your chosen activity. Break the activity down into the components using a framework such as the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework (AOTA, 2014 or 2020). 
·  Identify what theoretical concepts, frames of reference and/or OT models are guiding your clinical reasoning in choosing this activity.
·  Include supporting evidence from a range of credible sources to justify your clinical reasoning (references in-text and in reference list to be in APA 7th edition format).