Personal Reflection Exercise

For this activity, please spend some time analyzing your own intercultural experience and awareness vis-à-vis Christianity and other religions. This four-part personal reflection exercise does not require other sources, references, or citations but does require a careful consideration of your personal background and experience. Please provide specific examples of your personal observations and experiences as you address the following: 

1. Describe the cultural and family values or influences that shaped you and how you see the world, make decisions, and communicate with others. You may include a brief description of your family, hometown, education, or other influence which informed these values. (Approx. 250 words). 
2.  Discuss how the culture and family in which you were raised, and your experiences therein, shaped your understanding of Christianity. Next, describe how these shaped your understanding of other religions. (Approx. 250 words). 
3. Explain some of the differences you have observed between your home culture and other cultures in which you have lived, studied, traveled, and worked. Discuss you understanding of the reasons for these differences. (Approx. 250 words).
4. Discuss how the culture or family in which you were raised, and your experiences therein, may influence the way you interact with people outside of your culture, particularly in leadership settings. (Approx. 250 words).