The Revised Research Proposal
How has The Revised Research Proposal helped you attain declarative writing knowledge and procedural writing skills?
 Outcome Review Prompt
This Outcome Review should be one or two strong, self-reflective paragraphs that tie your work on the Revised Research Proposal to our ENC1102 student objectives, or outcomes, listed below.
The purpose is to prove that you not only know how to do the work–but also know why.
Submit your Outcome Review here as a discussion post.
Once you have submitted, you will be able to view your fellow writers’ posts. Choose at least two of your peers’ posts, including your peer partner, to respond to in a meaningful, constructive, thoughtful way.
When you revise these outcome reviews later to write your final course reflection, seriously consider any advice given here by me or your peers. 
All assignments, major and minor, are carefully tailored to focus your learning on these four ENC1102 outcomes.
Outcome 1: To analyze and synthesize complex texts in ways that demonstrate an understanding of the situated and intertextual nature of writing and research.Outcome 2: To engage in a recursive, inquiry-based writing and research process that is meaningful for a specific community.Outcome 3: To interpret research findings in order to produce arguments that matter to specific communities by addressing real-world exigencies.Outcome 4: To examine your own conceptions of writing and research in response to your inquiry, reading, and writing throughout the course.
At the end of the semester, you will be asked to reflect on your learning through each phase of the research process. These Outcome Reflections are designed to help you complete your final portfolio reflections. Now, reflect on how the work you’ve just completed has engaged you in fulfilling these outcomes.