I copy and pasted the instructions below, and below that, I put a response to respond to :). Thank you and let me know if there’s anything I can do! This guy grades harshly :/. 

I attached below one of my recent posts, he even said “looks great”. You don’t need to read it but on it is the grading rubric he uses, if that helps!


Thank you for your posts last week. We’re picking up the discussion on moral relativism from Week 5, but now informed by Plato’s response to it from last week. This time we’re situating the discussion in the technicalities of contemporary philosophy.

Considering both metaphysics and epistemology, please answer the following question:

Are there objective right and wrong?

Please respond with an initial post by 11:59 pm on Friday. Your initial post must be at least 400 words and contain an argument and a clearly stated position. The word count requirement will be enforced strictly. If you’re worried about making it, defend a premise that needs some explanation, provide a careful definition that may not be obvious, or anticipate objections. 400 words is an extremely short space anyway.

Follow up with at least one comment to someone else’s post by 11:59 pm on Sunday. That reply must be at least 100 words and engage with the substance of the argument to which it responds. You need to add something to the previous post, whether continuing its argument and thereby bolstering it, or respectfully criticizing it. An example of the latter would be challenging a premise or two, or bringing about an implication which the author does not seem to have considered. Please don’t hesitate to generate a dialogue; you are not restricted in responding only to posts, but you may comment on replies as well. If you feel like someone has made a good argument against yours, it’s noble to write acknowledging that; if you feel like they have misunderstood, don’t hesitate to clarify.

When I evaluate your responses, I am not very interested in the content of your opinions and your precise positions. I am, however, very much interested in how you support your positions. This is what I want to see reasoning why you accept or reject a given claim. The ability to do this well is what these discussion posts are ultimately about, and that ability is what they are graded on.

Please continue following online etiquette both when you make your initial post and when you respond to others. Your posts will be graded on the substance of the ideas, the presence and quality of the argument, and the mechanics of writing in standard academic English. Don’t hesitate to revise and go over a couple of drafts. You can send those to me before you post them for some feedback on the content; I wouldn’t mind doing that. And if you don’t feel like your writing is up to the standards for grammar and style set by this class, please seek external help in proofreading. 

All posts must contain clear, logical thinking and concise argumentation. Cite your sources thoroughly. Since there is no final paper, the weekly reflections form the largest segment of your grade and should be treated with the appropriate seriousness. To internalize that, first write out your response in a word-processing program, and then paste it online. This way you will be less likely to see it as some low-effort online comment. It is not that. These are mini papers.

As always, I’ll be happy to answer any questions on the topic for this week or in general about the discussions or any other feature of the class.