Physician Assistant program problems

Include the 2 problems below in a 2 page paper explaining the 2 problems. I included additional info that maybe helpful.

Problem #1: Students not adequately educated about the differences between NP & PA programs.

A). Explanation of solution: Students who are interested in the medical field, particularly students interested in the NP & PA programs need to be educated on the differences between the programs.
B). Feasibility of solution:  This solution can be easily accomplished when students are being educated by professionals in that field.  It is less convenient for students that are misguided by teachers and guidance counselors who are not familiar with the medical field. 
C). Rebuttal:  Many teachers and counselors feel obligated to provide information they feel thats correct and helpful but is based on personal opinions, not factual information to the medical fields in this discussion.  Personal opinions and incorrect information can misguide a student about the program, expectation of program and prerequisites that may be needed for the program.
D). Response to Rebuttal:  This is why educated professionals should be providing the information to the students.  If the professionals are unavailable, then it would be up to the teacher or counselor to guide the student in the right direction.  If they do not know the information that is needed, they should consult a medical specialist before providing false or misleading information.

Problem #2: Availability of finding a PA program.

A). Explanation of solution:  Students interested in the NP & PA programs should check with well known medical schools for availability.  Not all universities offer PA programs.  NP programs are more common and readily available than PA programs.  
B). Feasibility of solution:  Due to limitation and demand, PA programs are not as popular as NP programs. Medical schools and larger universities are more likely to offer PA programs.  Universities in larger cities are also more likely to offer PA programs.
C). Rebuttal:  Some rural universities may offer the program due to high interest, high demand at local hospitals or availability.
D). Response to Rebuttal: It is extremely important that if you are interested in the PA program, then doing your research to know exactly what is needed for the program and what universities offer the program.  Some students may have to travel out of town or state to complete the PA program.  Some students may apply to multiple universities to reassure an acceptance to the program.