Pick THREE early childhood education theories and conduct in-depth research for a deeper understanding of the theory.

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This assignment requires you to write a scholarly research paper. See the points below to help you understand the research paper requirements. The paper is to provide an overview of general theoretical trends (concepts, policies, practices) and benchmarks in Early Childhood Education.
Part 1
Pick THREE early childhood education theories and conduct in-depth research for a deeper understanding of the theory. Write one page per theory: 1 paragraph: intro/overview, 1 paragraph: how children learn (according to theory) and 1 paragraph: how you should teach (according to theory).
Remember you previously made some notes on the theoretical trends in the Module 3 Developmental and Learning Theories Quick Reference PowerPoint. This research paper will expand upon your previous work.
Part 2
Identify one state law and one federal law related to education and discuss how each may be influenced by one or more of the theories you discuss in Part 1.

The scholarly research paper must be 5-6 pages in length.  The 5-6 page limit does not include the required cover and references pages.
You must use your book as the primary source of information and can include up to three other scholarly resources (from university, research or professional association websites) to support your paper. You may not use blogs or teacher websites (Scholastic, etc.).
All references must be cited in your paper using the correct APA (7th edition) style.  
Grammar and spelling errors will result in point deductions.

Competencies and Skills
The scholarly research paper addresses the following Pre-K/Primary Subject Area Competencies and Skills.

Knowledge of foundations of early childhood (PreK–3) education.
Identify the impact of federal and state laws on education in the classroom (e.g., English for Speakers of Other Languages, Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act).

This assignment requires a . After you have reviewed the assignment instructions and rubric, as applicable, complete your submission by selecting the Submit Assignment button next to the assignment title.