PICO elements and disscussion

Paragraph 1  
A.     State your clinical issue. 
B.     Explain why you chose this issue?
C.     Prove with 1 piece of research that this problem exists in nursing   You can cite the incidence /statistic for example that Medication Errors are on the rise. According to Gates et al. (2019) the rate of medication errors is estimated to occur in 1020% of medication orders (Introduction).
Paragraph 2  
           A  Explain why this problem is significant to nursing  and our profession For example if this problem is not corrected what consequences  such as infection, pain, death financial  loss, may result or nurses are at risk for injury.  
        B  Prove this is a problem with 1 research study.    
Paragraph 3    
A.         Identify one solution to your problem.
B.     Show that a study has been done that proves this solution may correct or prevent a consequence of the problem.  This will show how might the research contribute to nursing practice by fixing the problem.
1 research study is needed in this paragraph 3.  
Paragraph 4 Write out your PICO Elements 
and the PICO Question
APA    In text  APA format for  the 3 pieces of research to  support your claims. Quote or Paraphrase.   One of these resources needs to be Scholarly Nursing which is a nursing journal.
APA   Reference the sources you used in this assignment at the end of your post in correct format. 
Example of References:
Gates, P.J., Baysari, M.T., & Mumford, V. (2019}. Standardizing the classification of harm associated with medication errors: The harm associated with medication error classification (HAMEC). Drug Safety, 42,931939. https://doi.org/10.1007/s40264-019-00823-4
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