Plato Theory

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text book:
The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism. 2nd ed. Vincent B. Leitch, et al, eds. Norton, 2010.

Q. write a brief response around 400 words
reflecting on Plato Theory
and making connections to your experiences or observations of life and the culture(s) you are part of.

Plato, the material world in which we live is a copy of the world of Forms and Ideas, so poetry representing or capturing this material world in words is a copy of a copy, which we should be suspicious of as it can be a bad influence. His concern with the influence of poetry in the selections we read from Republic comes in because he is designing a sort of ideal education for youths he plans to educate to become respected guardians of society. To this end, his speaker, Socrates, argues for banning certain types of literature on a range of grounds and dictating what poets may write about. This fear over literatures influence on youth is not an issue left behind in Platos day! Write a contemporary response to Platos ideas. Here are some questions to get you thinking (you dont need to answer them): Where have you heard these concerns in your lifetime? What do you think of the idea of banning certain texts? In an American context, freedom of artistic expression and free speech are celebrated. Is this ever problematic? Are you familiar with Banned Books Week (search it if youre not)? What set of rules (spoken or unspoken) does our society have for texts assigned to young people? Please use examples to illustrate your answer.