Poetry Analysis Paper

For this assignment, you will write a three-page analysis of at least two of the poems. 

Read Barbie Doll
Read What Kind of Times Are These
Read America
Read Poem about My Rights

Reaserch question: This is America:  How do the imagery, tone, persona, language use, form, or any combination of these in the poems support/develop their themes about American life or identity? You cac do a little research on the American Dream, struggles minorities faced (and face) in America, or any number of other possible topics to answer this question.

paper should:

A clear thesis- highlighted with red
A purposeful introduction and conclusion
Clear points/topic sentences for body paragraphs- higlighted with blue
Details/Evidence to support ideas, including cited ideas from the poems and any cited research
Transitions to move ideas smoothly
MLA formatting (as best as possible)