Policy and Procedure

**Written in Policy and Procedure format. See Attached files for example**
As a BSN, you will likely be called upon to author, review, and/or revise policy and procedure–albeit now with the convenience of a computer program.
1.) Use the sample transfusion policy from Bay Medical to assist you in formatting your policy and procedure.  Transfusion Therapy.pdf  Download Transfusion Therapy.pdf  
2.) Use the guidelines from JCAHO to author a policy entitled “Sentinel Events”. This policy will address the management and reporting of all sentinel events in one general policy.  sentinel event P & P.pdf  Download sentinel event P & P.pdf  
Spend a little time in the JCAHO guidelines to select the key requirements that you feel should be included in your policy. This is largely your choice as long as the items included in your policy are also noted on the JCAHO guidelines, so don’t stress over this. Let the rubric guide you as you write this.
NOTE: Both of those policies in the module are very lengthy and involved. Your work for this assignment should be no more than 3-5 pages written in a P & P format. (This is not an APA paper, so no cover pages, etc–however, 2 scholarly sources should be cited to back up what you write at the end of the document.)