Policy Paper Draft- English Language Education for Immigrant Children.

beyond that description). You should also review the most current and credible statistics. In addition, you
should review any current policies/laws related to your policy or regarding your topic. In this section
only, you can use legitimate web sources (e.g., government site or .org site).

4. Literature Review (Research Content)In this section you should thoroughly discuss and review the major research (evaluation, applied, and
policy research) involved with your policy issue. The most important thing to remember about this
section is to be as specific as possible. Provide details and examples of what you are discussing in your
paper and make sure your ideas flow from one idea to the next. Be sure when reviewing the research to
use primary source material and describe the relevance of these sources for your policy and policy topic.

5. Policy Analysis and RecommendationsIn this section you will need to discuss any problems with the current policy (linking it with specific
research that highlights these problems). In addition, you should discuss specific pros and cons of your
policy and describe specific policy suggestions. You must specifically link previous research to your
policy suggestions and describe why your suggestions would be improvements over the current policy.

6. ConclusionsIn this final section you should summarize the old policy and your policy suggestions. Be sure to describe
how the new or revised policy is better, linked to current research on your topics. Furthermore, make
some conclusions about your assignment and discuss how you came to these conclusions.

Format:The paper is to be 11-14 pages in length (it must be at least 11 full pages and no more than 16 pages). The
paper must be typewritten and you are to double-space, use 12-point Times or Times New Roman font,
and you must have one-inch margins on all sides of each page. The paper, including references, must be
in current APA format. A minimum of 10 peer-reviewed references is required. You must effectively
use all 10 references within the text of your paper. PsycInfo is the best database for peer-reviewed
sources. The paper is to be clearly written so it is easy to read. Ideas are to be presented in a way that they
flow together. I should not be left wondering where sentences fit into the paper. Grammar and spelling are
very important and points are deducted for any errors. Overall, you will be graded on the quality of your
writing.Note: Some of the policies are not found in peer-reviewed articles. So for the policy and the policy
description section you may use other types of sources (e.g., scholarly websites).

You must include a title and reference page. Any references you may use should be put on a separate page
at the end of your paper in APA format (title and reference pages are NOT counted in the 11 pages
required for this paper). You must also include an abstract (the abstract is counted in the 11 pages). This
policy paper is worth 60 points with the bulk of the points assigned to whether you have met the criteria
specified. Late papers will be penalized 3 points for each day that they are late (including Saturday and
Sunday). Of course early submissions are always accepted!!

Using References and Citing Sources in the Paper:

An important portion of the paper is learning how to find and appropriately cite research sources. In terms
of citation, you must always cite information that is not known to either you or the general public. That is,
any statement that you make as fact or information must be cited in APA format. For example, the
statement, “foster care children have few resources” or “adopted children are unhappy” would need
research citations in your paper. You also should make sure your statements fit together and are not just
listed (i.e., must integrate your statements and ideas). There is a .5 point deduction for every unsupported
statement and un-integrated statements made in your paper. These half points add up- so be sure to
carefully cite your sources, statements, and research information. Note: these deductions may result in
you earning “0” points in that section of your paper.