Political Science Movie Review Essay Boyz N the Hood, 1991

I have uploded four files which very clearly explain what to do. You must have access to the movie “Boyz N the Hood, 1991″ Directed by John Singleton. I will add a bonus of $4 in case you are charged to acquire this movie. This is not a full essay, it is an outline requiring a clear thesis, an intro paragraph, three topic sentences, and three sets of evidence from the movie. It is a very clear and direct assignment. Please label each section of the essay that you are required to write. The provided documents clearly explain what is needed. Please label each entry and for the evidence, please put the time that scene was shown in the movie. 
in total, there should be an intro paragraph, a thesis statement, three clear topic sentences, and for each of the three topic sentences, a clear example of evidence with the time of that scene in the movie in parentheses.