Practical Measures for Dealing With A Patient In Crisis

Remember to gear it as a training seminar for hospital staff.
Checklist/Rubric for Research Assessment AssignmentFor this assignment, you will be pretending that you are a training supervisor in a hospital. As the supervisor, you have to educate your staff on a healthcare topic that needs to be explained. Examples: Confidentiality, OSHA, Handwashing Techniques. To educate your staff, you will be giving a PowerPoint presentation.Outline of PowerPoint deck: Title slide topic, your name, and your role in the hospital Agenda slide At least 10 slides on:o Introduction to the topic ex: definitions, why is it important, etc.o Slides on the topic related information to train the hospital staff on the topic, what should hospital staff be aware of / steps they shouldo Conclusion slide / Key takeaways References slide needs to include textbook and at least 3 other references Thank you / Any questions slideChecklist/Rubric (approximately 2 points off for missing each requirement): Outline (as mentioned above) is followed PowerPoint presentation is a minimum of 10 slides (not including Title slide, Agenda slide, Reference slide, etc.) It is clear from the presentation what the hospital staff is being trained on Relevant information is included and make sense Presentation is interesting and informative Slides contain appropriate visuals Content is not just copied and pasted from references Textbook and at least 3 other references are used References slide is in proper APA format. In-text citations included in proper APA format. No spelling or grammar errors “Notes” section of slides are filled out