presidential election of 1932

For this assignment, you will first recall the number of the topic, numbered 1through 7, which you selected for the Website Evaluation assignment earlier inthe semester. You must now match that number you chose earlier with thenumbered term paper topic, below. You cannot choose a different topic; yourtopic must be numbered the same as your Website Evaluation topic. Locateand read that topic, as follows. Write an essay, in which you critically discussthat same topic:

2. Analyze the arguments that were presented during the presidentialelection of 1932. Be sure to comment on how the candidates interpretedthe Constitution differently from each other and how each defined theduties of government. Finally, speak to how events illustrated growingsocioeconomic problems in America.

How to work on this essay:Consult relevant literature to help you gather information. Think of answersthat argue in favor of all perspectives considering the essay question set.Then, plan your answer. Think of strong points to support your argument.You must use a minimum of seven credible sources, which you will cite usingChicago Style endnotes and bibliographic entries. You may use as manyelectronic and non-electronic sources as you wish; however, they must all becredible sources. You will need to consult many sources if you wish to earn ahigher grade.Your essay must follow the following criteria:
*Font: Times New Roman 
*Font size: 12 
*Lines should be double-spaced. Margins on the top, bottom, and sides of thepages should be one inch in length. 
*There should be no pictures, diagrams, maps, or other images on any pages.*The page number should be at the bottom center of each page. 
*You submit your final polished essay. 
*Word limits: a minimum of 2,500 words and a maximum of 25,000 words. Thebibliography and endnotes are excluded from the word count. Essays with toomany or too few words will be penalized: 20% off the assignment grade inaddition to forfeiting pro-rated points for length. 
*Do not use a cover page. The subject heading should be titled “HIST 1302Term Paper Assignment” followed by your name.