“Pretend you are a psychologist”

Pretend you are a psychologist. Write a case study for a hypothetical patient diagnosed with the psychological disorder of your choice. Please pick one of the disorders I talked about in lecture or one in your textbook and pretend that your patient has that disorder. You can start your case study by describing the person’s life, their age, background, current life circumstance.  Describe the symptoms they are experiencing and how their symptoms have impacted their life. Is there anything your patient has stopped doing or started doing that is new? Also explain why their behavior/thinking is considered abnormal (use criteria mentioned in book and lecture).  Speculate on what may have caused the development of their disorder (please use causes described in lecture or textbook). Pretend you have also interviewed your patient’s friends, family and/or spouse. How do they describe their relationship with the patient? How do they describe the patient’s behavior? At the end of your case study, please state your diagnosis.