Pretrial Publicity Assignment using only the articles provided

 Based on your readings of pretrial publicity and jury decision making, you will submit a 3-pagepaper addressing the following: Describe the impact of pretrial publicity on a jury. Document an example of a recent criminal case in which pretrial publicity either had thepotential to impact the jury or actually did impact the jury. Describe what was done or could have been done to alleviate the impact of pretrialpublicity in your example. Share any additional thoughts on pretrial publicity.

use the articles provided
Pretrial Publicity
Dixon, T. L., & Linz, D. (2002). Television news, prejudicial pretrial publicity, and the depictionof race. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 46(1), 112-136.

 Lieberman, J. D., & Arndt, J. (2000). Understanding the limits of limiting instructions: Socialpsychological explanations for the failures of instructions to disregard pretrial publicity and otherinadmissible evidence. Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, 6(3), 677. 

Ruva, C. L., & Guenther, C. C. (2014). From the shadows into the light: How pretrial publicityand deliberation affect mock jurors’ decisions, impressions, and memory. Law and HumanBehavior, 39(3), 294-310

Jury Decision Making Part I
 Crocker, B., & Kovera, M. (2010). The effects of rehabilitative voir dire on juror bias anddecision making. Law and Human Behavior, 34, 212-226.

 Daftary-Kapur, T., Dumas, R., & Penrod, S. D. (2010). Jury decision-making biases and methodsto counter them. Legal and Criminological Psychology, 15, 133-154. 

Jury Decision Making Part II
 Devine, D. J., Clayton, L. D., Dunford, B. B., Seying, R., & Pryce, J. (2001). Jury decisionmaking: 45 years of empirical research on deliberating groups. Psychology, Public Policy, andLaw, 7, 622-727.

 Sommers, S. R., & Norton, M. I. (2007). Race-based judgments, race-neutral justifications:Experimental examination of peremptory use and the Batson challenge procedure. Law andHuman Behavior, 31, 261-273.