Pro gun control laws

Do not make it too intelligent please. Use my ABC points – A (1st body): It would reduce mass shootings and accidental home gun deaths.  B (2nd Body) :Gun law is not something that can be disarmed over night, but if we start now the long-term effects of enforcing stricter gun control now will save the future. Our lives, our children’s, our children’s children, etc and C (3rd body): more restriction would limit the type, quantity, and people buying them. 
Counterargument (4th body)- second amendmendt right to bear arms
Argument to counterargument(5th body)- America is not on the brink of war.  

    Times were different, the people who signed off on this amendment did not address the case of civilians owning semi-automatic rifles, machine guns, AKs. In the time this was signed, people owned muskets. There were not multiple school shootings every year.