Project 4 Powerpoint-Order now from

Project 4 Powerpoint-Order now from
Create slide presentation for a job you are applying for. This can be a current job search you may be in, or will be in when you finish school. If you would like you may create your Final Task Presentation based upon the dream job you would like to have after you finish your education! If you have a resume you may base your search off of the job your resume asks for. You do not have to prepare a resume or cover letter, just the presentation.
Create a presentation with a minimum of 5 slides. The original slide show should include the following:

A design template of your selection
A title slide (who, what, etc.)
Footer on each slide to identify date created and creator
Bulleted list
Arrows and Text Boxes
Graphics (one or more)
Transition between each slide

NOTE: This is your chance to show me your skills and knowledge of PowerPoint–use as many tools or skills as you can–but at least the minimum list above!
Requirements: Minimum 5 slides 
I’m a business student so it would be great if the presentation would be within that 🙂
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