Project Activity

Project Activity: You were hired as an IS consultant by a small chain of stores that rent domesticappliances. Partly because operations are run with paper records, one store does not know what isgoing on in the other stores. The president of this small company feels that the chain doesntutilize its inventory efficiently. For example, if a customer needs a lawn mower, and theappliance is not available in Store A, the people who serve at the store cannot tell the customer ifthe mower is available at another outlet, or offer to bring it for the customer from another outletwhere it is available. The president would like an IS that would allow the chain to serve thecustomers better, and that would help with tracking and billing too. List the questions you wouldask in your fact-finding effort and indicate who in the organization would be asked eachquestion. Submit a one- page summary fully covering the questions and items which need to beaddressed.