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Please write a one-page proposal, this is an ongoing assignment for this paper, this is the first part of the assignment. Please do not write the whole entire paper. Look at the document that is attached. The company that I want to talk about in this paper is Costco company. 

MGMT 784 requires you to apply executive-level skills and a leadership lens to a data-based assignment allows you to direct those skills and perspectives to the development of a Balance for a specific organization. It is recommended that you create this BSC for your current plan on a prior employer or another organization for which you have in-depth knowledge practices. It may be appropriate to limit the scope of the subject organization to a sing business unit. 

To gain approval for your topic, you will submit a brief proposal of the organization to b 7. This can be formatted as a one-page memorandum to your instructor, identifying the organization, why you chose it, and why you believe you will be able to BSC assignment successfully. 

This is the comment that was left by the instructor about the assignment: 

For the topic approval, I only needed the company you are going to create your BSC. It looks like Apple is your choice, please be sure to limit the scope of your project to one segment of the business to ensure you are not overwhelmed by the project over the next couple of weeks.