protest struggles and revolutionary moments

Class- Protest and revolution

1. Choose a topic that is connected to protest struggles and revolutionary moments from either our readings from Arendt, the films seen, Piven on protest , James on insurrections and /or use outside readings that concern the general topics covered in the class.

2. Present an introduction of the topic to be covered

3. Take a position, make a thesis and organized evidence that gives it credibility , not a mass of opinions .

4. Give historical examples to support your position

5. Give a conclusion that summarizes your findings and also leave open a future inquiry 

It is often a good starting point to ask and pursue a question. For example, for what reasons could Robespierre be more faithful to revolutionary principles than Danton? What are the stakes for Gerald Horne’s thesis that the American Revolution was actually a counter -revolution?  What are the connections between James’ work on the Santo Domingo slave uprising , the counter-revolution in the USA, and the film Burn? 

Why reparations? What role does this play for today’s struggles.

*attached are the reading we covered

some of the films we have watched include 

-V for Vendetta 
-Dalton 1983