Providing Useful Feedback

Introduction: Staying in compliance with EEO law and making sure diversity is represented in the workforce is the responsibility of the HR manager and staff as assigned. However, it is not only a good idea and a legal imperative to be fair, it makes good business sense as well. The population is becoming much more diverse in the United States, and thus the customers are much more diverse as well. Having a workforce that represents all the diversity of the U.S. makes good sense as the workforce can more closely relate to the client or customers needs.
Read the following scenario and respond in a minimum of 250 words Microsoft Word document concerning the following:
Scenario: As your companys HR professional, you have completed a review of the employees performance appraisal feedback they have received. You have discovered that there are differences in the type of feedback that men and women receive. Positive feedback for men most often cited specific goals that were met and technical skills for development, whereas feedback for women was in general terms; for example, good job this year. Feedback for women often was about a need to improve communication style. This makes it more difficult for women to apply feedback and positively contribute to the companys performance goals. Since men received specific suggestions, they could more easily identify assignments and opportunities for promotions.
Your manager wants to be sure that the performance appraisal system supports everyone fairly and links to the companys goals.

Explain how the current performance appraisal system impacts the company.
How can the company help managers give feedback that links the goals of the company to the individuals goals?
What type of performance appraisal approach would best fit with providing specific, actionable feedback? Why?