My essay topic is anxiety disorder and nursing.

Your Final Course Project is a 5-7 page (not including the Title page or References page) research paper discussing a concept, issue, or event in the field of psychology as it relates to your own profession. You have been working on the assignment over the first 4 modules, and you should be ready to put the finishing touches on your paper at this point.
The report should contain at least five paragraphs and must include the following.

Paragraph one: An introduction with a thesis statement.

Body: Fully developed paragraphs that include two or three main points about the thesis that are supported by facts, statistics, expert opinion, quotes, examples, anecdotes, or other research.

Final paragraph: A conclusion. This might be a restatement, summary, or prediction based upon your thesis.

A References page in APA format. List all the sources that contributed to your report. You must use five resources from the Carrington Library (available through the Student Resources page in Modules) for the References page.

Your paper may be subject to originality detection. Submit your completed paper by the due date.