Public Announcement: Debate (Comprehensive arguments)

  • Interpret research, bringing the nursing perspective, alongside perspectives of their administrative colleagues, for policymakers and stakeholders.


This week you will view and respond to the arguments made by the opposing group. Support your position by pointing out flaws in the other group’s reasoning.

Remember, we are all working together to come up with the best answer for this situation! Even though you are on a competing team, please be respectful of other students and the positions they are presenting (remember this may not be the position that they would have chosen).  Review this infographic on types of arguments ( ), make sure you avoid logical fallacies (especially add hominem attacks).

Group A and B leaders: post your groups comprehensive argument to this discussion by 11:59 pm CST Monday. Please work with your instructor if you have difficulty meeting this date.


Group A will debate in FAVOR of publicly disclosing the hospitals policy.

Group B will debate in OPPOSITION of publicly disclosing the hospitals policy.

Group activities

  • Your group (Pro or Con) will be given its own working discussion area to post your conversation and notes.
  • You should select a leader of your group to submit your final work. If the group has not identified a leader by Wednesday, your instructor will assign a leader. Try to select a different leader than the Wek 1 leader.
  • In your group, select two arguments that refuse the arguments posted by the other group.
  • For each refutation, include a brief explanation (under 300 words) and rationale for why you have selected it. Additionally, provide at least two references (URLs are acceptable) that support this refutation.
  • At the end of the week, your leader will post the two arguments and references to Unit 7 Discussion 1 Public Announcement: Debate.

Individual requirements

  • Before Wednesday at 11:59 pm CST, post one refutation of your opponents position. Keep this argument brief (under 200 words) and include one reference that supports your argument (URLs are fine).
    • You will not be able to see other student posts until after you have submitted your post
    • The group leader is not required to submit this initial post. The faculty member will assist the group leader in their organizational roles. Think of the faculty member as a co-leader.