Public Health Legislation

This assessment addresses the following course objective(s):

  • Advocate for policies that improve the health of the public and the profession of nursing and health care administration.


Throughout this course, you have learned about the importance of political advocacy: how legislation can impact healthcare delivery, quality of care, patient outcomes, and various healthcare professionals roles and practice.

For this final assignment, you will research current legislation related to public health (Unit 7 topics are a great place to start). Identify a piece of legislation you feel passionately about. You will complete parts I and II below, to illustrate your understanding of the legislation, state your position, call for action, etc.   

Audience: Politicians who will be voting on your identified legislation.


This assignment has 2 deliverables for upload. Please review carefully.

Part I  Multimedia Presentation:

Record yourself delivering a formal address about your stance on the legislation, to your politicians. Audio and video quality should be clear, and your attire should be business professional. Minimum length of 10 minutes.

Use one of these techniques to create your multimedia presentation.

  1. Use  (Instructional Video Below)
  2. Any video recording system of your choice
  3. Record video directly in the assignment submission using these 

Part II Written support:

Prepare a professional paper, summarizing the legislation itself, your position, call for action, etc. Cite relevant sources, which may include industry leaders perspectives, or scholarly research. Minimum length of five pages.