Quality Control in Generic Drug Manufacturing Processes

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The drug production system is broken. Fixing it requires putting quality first.

Generic drugs are supposed to be affordable alternatives to name-brand medications. Contrary to what the F.D.A. claims, a pill is not always a pill. In the quest for ever-cheaper generic drugs, quality has sometimes not always! been sacrificed both in the US and abroad, and without a transparent rating system, health consumers are kept in the dark. 

Furthermore, the reliance on a few foreign suppliers of active ingredients means that chronic shortages of critical drugs will persist unless the drug supply system is reinvented

Video Spotlight: 
Watch A Dose of Reality about Generic Drugs (June 17, 2020, TEDMED) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=si2M93gZy1E)

Read his case study is based on The New York Times article, Our Drug Supply Is Sick. How Can We Fix It?, by F. Stockman, September 18, 2021(https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/18/opinion/drug-market-prescription-generic.html)

Discussion Questions/Learning Objectives:
According to this article, what are the problems associated with the production of some generic drugs? How do they define quality?
According to the F.D.A., A pill is a pill. Some endocrinologists disagree. From a process capability perspective, how do you explain their differences of opinion? 
Valisure, an online pharmacy rejects about 10% of the batches it receives. How does that compare to six sigma quality?