question and answer

View the following videos & resources and answer the questions below on the use of vocabulary and grammar in resumes & cover letters.

PS: In the video above, the author indicates, “I am confident that I’m the best person for this position”.  We will NEVER declare we are the best candidate or better than other candidates, instead, we’ll demonstrate our worth by identifying our accomplishments.

1) When we write a formal document such as a cover letter, do you we use prescriptivism or descriptivism?  Why?
2) Please give an example of an idiom.  Why is it not appropriate for a cover letter?
3) What is a power verb?  Please give an example, used in a sentence that could appear on a resume or cover letter.
4) Have you ever been judged based on your use or misuse of grammar?  If comfortable sharing, please explain.
5) Do you use Grammarly or other online grammar/vocab checker?  How has it helped you?