Quinceaera Project

In your groups (or alone), you will be creating a Google Slide Presentation, which includes thefollowing (with pictures/images on each slide):1.Invitations: Invitaciones -You are required to create your own digital invitation for yourplanned quinceaera (the entire invitation must be completed in Spanish)2. Reception Venue: Saln de eventos3. Dress: Vestido4. Shoes/high heels: Zapatillas5. Tiara: La corona6. Flowers: Flores7. Food and Drinks: Comida y bebidas8. Cake: Pastel9. Music: Msica10. Entertainment: Entretenimiento11. Party Favors: Recuerdos  

The slide presentation will be graded on creativity and completeness, make sure each categoryis included in your slide presentation (all categories must be in Spanish), as well as include thename of the vendor/ business for each category. Do NOT make up places like the cateringcompany, the venues, etc. You will be presenting your Quinceaera Project Slide Presentationnext Monday (02/28/2022). The slide presentation must have the subtitles typed out in Spanish.This is due no later than Friday 02/25/2022 @11:59pm. Late work will not be accepted for thisproject. Worth 50 points.